Before ordering
Before ordering

Before ordering

Will the color match our design?

We will match solid coated Pantone colors when we print our digital flags.

What if I did not have the right file for the graphics?

Our professional graphic artists team can transfer your image into a vector file. For your convenience , we will send the file back to you for approval prior to the actual production, so that you can have it handy for future use.

What kind of file do you need for the image?

In order to have a full size clear image on your flag, we need a vector file (file that is made up of lines rather than pixels) .

How should I finish my flag (what does that even mean)?

When we ask how you want the flags finished, we are asking the way you want it to be sewed. For example:· If you were to put your flag on a traditional outdoor flagpole, we will finish the flag with a canvas heading and two brass grommets on the left side of the flag to attach to the pole.· If you were to put it on a parade or indoor flagpole, we will finish it with a pole sleeve to slide over the pole. We can also add grommets to the top or bottom if you need.

What does single reverse and double-sided mean?

A single reverse flag is made by printing your image on the front of the flag with full penetration of the ink that allows the design to be seen in reverse on the other side of the flag. Most flags, including state and international flags are made single reverse.A double-sided flag is made by sewing two flags together with a liner in between.As a result,no images or text is displayed in reverse.

What size do I need?

Usually, a 3’x5′ flag is all you need. It could be a perfect fit on a flagpole attached to a house or building, an indoor flagpole and a parade flagpole.Here is a liittle tip for you when ordering a custom flag. The height of the pole can be an important factor. Also, you never want your custom flag to be larger than the US flag that is on same pole or the one next to it.